Zone #4 Town Docks

The Town Docks will be a site of light, magic and water. A place of reflections, celebrations and wonder.

Ross Willard-NbN2014 (82)

Light Span
Presented by Playground Studios
Concept and Design by Beth Kates and Ben Chaission
Supported by the District of Muskoka

Huntsville’s historic town bridge will be lit up to create a visual record of the movement across it. Motion sensors placed around the bridge will capture the movement of pedestrians and vehicle traffic and turn that movement into light sequences spanning the bridge and illuminating the night sky. The piece is a celebration of the swing bridge, both the architecture and its importance to life in Huntsville. View the piece from the town docks, or cross the bridge yourself to set off your own sequences of light.

After the End
By MABELLEarts and Edge of the Woods Theatre with Urbanvessel and YWCA Muskoka
Participating Artists: Leah Houston, Dan Watson, Juliet Palmer, Sonja Rainey, Shifra Cooper, Christine Duncan and Julia Aplin
With contributions from the Gravenhurst Women’s Centre, Chrysalis House, The Nest, Interval House and the YWCA Girls Unplugged program.

Imagining a dystopian world gripped by ecological collapse, After the End explores the ways in which Muskoka women and girls might take the lead in the event of a societal reboot. MABELLEarts and Edge of the Woods Theatre are travelling across the Muskoka Region with our trusty Sprite 400 Caravan art studio, visiting women and girls, hearing stories and making art. Together we’ll converge on the banks of the Muskoka River to create an immersive installation that will combine visual art, music and sound, radio and movement all created in collaboration with Muskoka women and girls.

Follow the project by Clicking Here


Ross Willard-NbN2014 (103)The Space Girls
By Hercinia Arts Collective
Supported by Pub on the Docks

An intergalactic aerial circus adventure through space and time where the sky is, literally, the limit. Check out this high flying aerial busker act at the town docks amphitheatre that will leave your eyes wide and your mouth speechless.

WaterbodiesWater Bodies
Photography by Scott Turnbull
Sponsored by Explorers Edge

“Water Bodies” is gallery of print and digital images that capture the archetypal experience of interacting with the sparkling blue waters of Muskoka/Parry Sound. Against the backdrop of recognizable landscapes, these images capture the essence of people diving/jumping into, swimming across and floating on various lakes and rivers in the area. The prints will be unveiled at Nuit Blanche North next to the riveside “photo-booth” where you can have your own photo taken jumping into the water.


Ross Willard-NbN2014 (69)River of Light
By Meg Jordan and Elemental Arts of Trinity United Church

River of Light is an intergenerational community event (calling upon the participation of all ages) involving the creation of colourful, candlelit, paper lanterns (an Eastern custom) to float on the Muskoka River as a celebration of community and as prayers for our beloved Earth. The gentle impact of this event will emerge through the coming together of the creativity of individuals of all ages in a moment of meaningful participation within a communal act of hope for the future. With the flowing waters of the river as darkness descends people will float their prayer lanterns and watch as the magic grows. We can have a lasting impact upon the future through joining our hopes and dreams together for a healthy relationship with our planet.

Want to make your own lanterns before the night of the event? Click Here to find out how.


Inuit Throat SingingInuit Throat Singing
Facilitated by Lynda Brown and Heidi Langille

As you walk along the docks be sure to stop and chat with Lynda and Heidi who will demonstrate and show you the beautiful singing form of Throat Singing. These incredible artists visit from Ottawa where they work with the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre.





Ross Willard-NbN2014 (68)The Northern Lights
Facilitated by Nancy Hunter

The Northern Lights is a popular workshop presented by Nancy Hunter. This is a fun and easy classes for all ages that only takes about 15 or 20 minutes to complete your own masterpiece. As you paint, listen to stories and experiences around Northern Lights, or dream up your own. Create your own souvenir paintings of Nuit Blanche. No experience in drawing or painting, just enjoy the adventure.