Zone #4: Town Docks

junkyard symphonyJunkyard Symphony | 8pm & 10pm
A rhythmic and percussive symphony using recycled objects and ingenuity. Junkyard Symphony is great for all ages and involves plenty of audience participation.

KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (194)Alpha Rhythm Roots | 9pm

An interactive performance featuring West Guinean Style drumming and song. Alpha Rhythm Roots is committed to bringing  the  music, dance, traditions, and culture  of Guinea, to Canada and the world.

Nuit Blanche North'17-21House of Commons- We Belong
By Marc Walter
A large scale sculpture made of woven branches celebrating Canadian citizenship and our collective role to play in political activity. A structure constructed of locally source branches will be created, with silhouette door openings to allow visitors to “penetrate the walls of the commons”. Visitors will be encouraged to leave their own mark on the commons using small wooden circles decorated with images and words.

All Together Magic |  By Carol Ferris
Throughout downtown Huntsville will be a number of Magic Wands. Your mission is to find all. Once you do, return to the artist to learn a magic spell to cast.


NbN2018-Flaunt It Designs (3)


Come Together|  By Nancy Hunter
A fun and easy activity for all ages that only takes about 15 or 20 minutes to complete your own masterpiece inspired by group activities.


Ross Willard-NbN2014 (123)

Exploring Puppetry Together
| Town Docks | By Quartetto Marionetto and Friends

Join in and learn different facets of puppetry. You’ll have the chance to build your own puppet, and help perform a show live.



Strings, Brushes & Words | Town Docks | By Sue Allen & Helena Renwick

An exploration of three elements: Earth, Fire & Air through live painting accompanied by improvised music. Join in by adding your words to create a collectively created poem.