Zone #4: Town Docks

Ross Willard-NbN2014 (103)I Fear | 8 pm & 10 pm
Hercinia Arts Collective
Town Docks Stage

An improvised performance on aerial silks and cello based on audience suggestions. Throughout the evening, visitors are invited to write down something that “I fear” about the present or future and to place it on a hanging line surrounding the aerial rig. Aerial performers will take turns selecting fears from the line, reading them aloud and performing an improvised act based on the fear read with the accompaniment of a live cellist. At the end of the evening audiences will be invited to participate in a ceremony to acknowledge the remaining fears and to destroy or carry them as they see fit.

Nemesis | 9pm
Featuring Dr. Draw and Scott Jackson
Town Docks Stage

Nemesis is a duo of electric violin pioneer Dr. Draw and the Canadian Beatboxing champion Scott Jackson.  The name is based on the Nemesis star theory which claims that Nemesis is a theoretical dwarf star thought to be a companion to our sun.  The sound ranges anywhere from Middle eastern influenced folk music to old school hip hop to Mongolian chant.  The goal for this band it to keep being inventive and building upon the relationship between the violin and the voice.

So What Now?
Muskoka River
Marc Walter
Sponsored by Pipefusion

Building on his past successes at Nuit Blanche North, Marc Walter will create three monumental sculptures, each created with community members, and each inspired by a different theme: the past, the present, the future. These sculptures will take the form of giant rotating lanterns that will illuminate the water and darkness surrounding them.

Marc Walter

Slam Poetry
Town Docks
Featuring Spin, Amora Ree, Cassandra Myers, Gavin Russell and Jennifer Alicia

Join some of Toronto’s finest poets as they take you on a journey of rhythm, rhyme and passion. Performances at 8:45pm, 9:30pm & 10:15pm

Lantern PuppetsBeneath the Surface
Catherine Luce,  Stu Graham, Danika Graham
Various Spaces

Four large illuminated lantern puppets to represent Water, Air and Land will travel throughout Nuit Blanche North to draw consciousness to the importance of the sacred lands we live on, to honour the original keepers of the land, and encourage visitors to think more deeply about how they relate to the place they live. In order to protect the environment, we must recognize its importance.

Carol FerrisWhere thee Fairy?
Various Spaces
Carol Ferris

“I do believe in Fairies! I do! I do!”- Peter Pan

Embark on scavenger hunt for Magical Fairy Homes. Throughout downtown Huntsville will be a number of enchanted miniature fairy homes. Your mission is to find all, document them through photos and drawings to show that they do exist.


Ross Willard-NbN2014 (68)Muskoka Sunsets
Main St.
Nancy Hunter

One of Nuit Blanche North’s most popular workshop presented by Nancy Hunter. This is a fun and easy activity for all ages that only takes about 15 or 20 minutes to complete your own masterpiece of sunsets remembered or imagined in the future. Create your own souvenir paintings of Nuit Blanche. No experience in drawing or painting, just enjoy the adventure.