Zone #3 River Mill Park

The park will be a hot spot of performance and art exploring themes around the impact of progress, memories and reinvention.

Ross Willard-NbN2014 (119)

Illuminair Buskers
Next to Bandshell Stage
Performances at 8:45pm and 11pm
Featuring Miranda Tempest, Shane Phillips, Scarlet Black (Elizabeth Pacione), Breanne Twining, and David Ito

Death defying aerial performance and innovative fire/aerial fusion acts will illuminate the night sky in River Mill Park. Illuminair artists will captivate you with their unique style, engaging and charismatic cast of characters, one of a kind performance tools and skills…and their passion to surprise and entertain.



Ross Willard-NbN2014 (8)Les Moutons
Presented by BoucharDanse
Remounted and directed by: Sylvie Bouchard
Performed by: Sylvie Bouchard, Michael Caldwell, Mairéad Filgate, Pulga Muchochoma, Meredith Thompson and Brodie Stevenson.
Soundscape creation: Phil Strong / Improbable Music
Costumes and props construction: Nina Okens
Pen construction: Larry Hahn
First created in 2003 by Sylvie Bouchard and David Danzon under the Company CORPUS
Supported by the Agro Centre

Les moutons has surprised, entertained and touched audiences of all ages around the world. Reality meets fantasy in this unique live installation that recreates a bucolic country scene in a typical urban setting. Travel to a strange and hilarious universe that takes you through a carefully studied overview of sheep behaviour. Each moment is savored… time stands still…

“The sheep stare vacantly and irremediably as a truly pastoral poetry emerges.”
Meuse, Bar-le-duc, France

Ross Willard-NbN2014 (85)Express Yourselfie
Lift Space Courtyard
Concept and Creation by Beverley Hawksley and Sandy McLennan

We impact our world and ourselves. We drop an update online and feel
better. Did we make a mark? We felt it… ahhh! Anyone else? Does it matter? What else besides ourselves might need our impact?

Walk the red carpet where you are both celebrity and audience.,
audience. Alongside the red carpet is a wall of mirrors where you have the opportunity to leave an permanent impression of yourself by tracing your reflection to inspire your impact in the moment, and after the fact. Then follow the sideshow barker’s invitation to enter the hall of mirrors, create a selfie and consider your impact on the world around you.

Beverley_evite-1Back to Basics
Lift Ground Print Studio/Gallery
By Beverley Hawksley

Lift Ground Print Studio/Gallery is pleased to present Back to Basics by Beverley Hawksley
“No matter the medium, the subject matter remains the same for me- the human condition. What inspires me is the consideration and study of our basic wild selves, the forces that shape us and the ongoing tension between what we know in our cells and what we wear on our skin.”

Lift Ground Print Studio/Gallery is operated by artist Anna Gaby-Trotz
Gallery Hours: Wed-Sat: 11am-5pm, Sunday 12-5pm or by chance or by appointment
Phone: 705 380 3360


Ross Willard-NbN2014 (123)A Tune by the Moon
River Mill Park, Beside the Pergola
Lead Concept and Design by Catherine Luce
Puppet Creation and Performance by Stuart, Bridget and Danika Graham

Join a troupe of papier mache marionette street musicians as they evoke a fantastical world exploring light, dark and the impact of people traveling in and out of our lives. Between performances, take your own turn working with the marionettes and learn techniques of creation and performance from the artists themselves. Performances will take place at various times throughout the night.


Ross Willard-NbN2014 (35)The Impact of EBooks: “Once Upon a Time”
River Mill Park Pergola
Presented by the Creative Northbies
Created by Karen Cassian, Janet Copland, Joanne Osborne and Kim Scott

A visual representation and interpretation of the IMPACT of EBooks on our book publishing industry, culture and environment, both positive and negative.