Zone #3: River Mill Park

NbN Music Stage
River Mill Park Stage
Featuring Turbo Street Funk (8:30pm) & After Funk (10:00pm)

With over 200 performances across Ontario, Quebec, the East Coast, New England and New York, Turbo Street Funk has gained a reputation for explosive live shows, opening for artists such as The Lost Fingers, Five Alarm Funk, Terra Lightfoot, Rita Chiarelli, The Soul Motivators and Emmanuel Jal. 


After Funk is a fun filled, soul driven, funk-rock explosion.
Hailed as “The grooviest band north of the border” (Live for Live Music), the Toronto based funk family have been blazing a trail through the North American music scene leaving only happy hearts and dancing feet in their wake. The combination of Yanick Allwood (keyboards & vocals), Jaime Rosenberg (drums), Justin Bontje (bass) and Phil Tessis (guitar) results in an infectiously fun show, as well as virtuosity and beauty that will challenge your musical mind. After Funk’s sound and hard work has not gone unnoticed; being selected as the Electric Forest’s Instrumental Forester in 2014 earned them two sets at the festival and they have served as support for Walk Off The Earth, Lettuce, Snarky Puppy, Dumpstaphunk, TAUK and more.


NbN2018-Flaunt It Designs (22)I Fear |8:30pm & 10pm
Hercinia Arts Collective

An improvised performance on aerial silks and cello based on audience suggestions. Throughout the evening, visitors are invited to write down something that “I fear” about the present or future and to place it on a hanging line surrounding the aerial rig. Aerial performers will take turns selecting fears from the line, reading them aloud and performing an improvised act based on the fear read with the accompaniment of a live cellist. At the end of the evening audiences will be invited to participate in a ceremony to acknowledge the remaining fears and to destroy or carry them as they see fit.

Native-Bee-Hotel-HowTo-1200x900The World’s Largest Pollinator Hotel
By Earl Dobec

 Join in on the construction of a large scale Pollinator Hotel. To support biodervsity.

At any given time, your garden might contain over 2,000 species of insects. Some of these are pests, the kind you don’t want in your garden because they destroy your flowers and vegetables. But many others are beneficial insects, the kind you want to attract because they work with you to control pests and pollinate flowers.

Crop-Circle-4The Galactic Garden | Adrienne Starr

A Galactic Garden of hanging crop circles illuminated by black light. No matter who we are or where we are from, when we see the intricate and encoded crop circle images, we are immediately face to face with the mystery that makes up the fabric of our world, and together we wonder…’are there other beings in this galaxy?’.

IMG_20190328_143008Green Anarchy in Borneo | David Breckenridge

An installation using video and Augmented Reality technology to bring awareness to the mass extinction of animals

For the past two years, David has been teaching English in rural Indonesia (Borneo), where his hobby was to purchase animals from the black market and take video of them going back into the wild (‘rewilding’). This included the longest snakes in the world, 5-meter long Bornean reticulated pythons.

This installation shares video and images of his activities, and asks visitors to consider how their decisions can have huge ramifications on the natural world around us.

blue_heron_1-wpcf_1024x768The Message of the Blue Heron | Suzanne Riverin & Lisa Riverin-Thomas

Using pages of old books, and origami techniques, artists Suzanne Riverin & Lisa Riverin-Thomas create a flock of magical Blue Herons that will be installed as a floating installation in River Mill Park. Drop by and make your very own Blue Heron too.

SandyOn Site Cinema | By Sandy Mclennan
A looping screening of  8mm footage taken at Nuit Blanche North 2018.

In 2018, Sandy McClennan had the ambitious goal of shooting, editing and screening a film made with 8mm film on the night of Nuit Blanche North. The results are from On Site Cinema.


And watch out for delicious food vendors including Frenchie’s Crepes, Belly Ice Cream & Kane’s Lemonade as well as Henna and more.