Zone #2 Main St.

Main Street will be filled with things that go Bang, Pop and Whiz creating an interactive expressive playground for you to explore and enjoy. This zone is perfect for all ages!


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (50)Fantasy Shortcut
Main St. Applause Storefront Window
Designed and Created by Patricia Astley
Supported by Applause Toy Store

Continuing her exploration of papier mache sculpture, local artist Patricia Astley conjures a mythical dragon from the depths of her imagination and unleashes it on Main St. This epic sculpture will erupt from the storefront window of Applause Toy Store shattering the glass and inviting you to enter a new fantastical universe.


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (261)Science of Carnivnal
Main St., Next to Soapstones
Brought to you By Science North’s Science En Route
Discover the science behind all of your favourite carnival acts.Six tables filled with fun, hands-on exhibits will challenge and entertain you. Featuring interactive displays about gravity, electricity and the yummy science of cotton candy, Science of Carnival is guaranteed to delight the entire audience!



Ross Willard-NbN2014 (142)Drumming Circle
Main St. Next to That Little Place by the Lights
Led by Barry “Bazza” Hayward

Join Bazza as he leads visitors in a drop in drum circle drawing upon African beats and rhythms. There are a number of drums, big and small, as well as whole bunch of shakers, bells and whistles to play. All ages welcome!


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (216)Carve Meteor Rocks!
Main St. Next to Soapstones
Concept by Elise Muller
Creation and Facilitation by Elise Muller and Youth from Dorset

A Meteor has impacted Muskoka! Rock hounds have collected the pieces for you to carve into any form your imagination can dream up. Come grab a rasp or riffler (as well as dust mask of course) and create! Festival favorite Elise Muller will be on hand, along with a team of youth from Dorset, to help you turn rocks into out of this world art!


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (69)Bubble Magic
Main St. Next to Ahimsa Yoga Studio
Concept and Facilitation by Colin Hamer

Pop goes Huntsville! Join in and fill Huntsville’s Main St. with bubbles both big and small in this interactive playground of soap, suds and fun.


Balloon LanternsBalloon Lanterns
Kent Park (Corner of Brunel and Main)
Creation and Facilitation by Helen Kotsonis

A modern take on Chinese lanterns. Place a light inside a balloon, fill it with helium and add the name of someone who has had an impact on you. Then tie it off and let it float in the balloon forest with others creating a vibrant glowing record of the special people in all our lives that have made us who we are.


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (228)Impact
Alley Behind Stellabratori off Brunel Rd.
Created by Jared Pratt
A visceral and kinetic representation of the impact of physical actions on the world around us. Through your actions, watch as a mysterious man appears and a picture comes into focus.


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (275)PULSE
Algonquin Theatre
Written and Performed by Sarah Spring
A sound installation and live performance, “Pulse”, follows a melody through different urban soundscapes. It makes animate the back-ground stories of public spaces, imagining waves of sound to be composed of individual, intimate moments. “Pulse” considers the effect these spaces have on personal rhythm and outlook.