Zone #2: Main St.

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (365)Busker Pitch
Intersection of Main St. and King St.

World class buskers will dazzle you with acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking, magic and fire play. Featured performers include Isabella Hoops, Pyromeo & Kobbler Jay. And keep an eye out for some incredible walkabout performers including Darling Pink and Silver Elvis, and an interactive Hoop Zone.

Plus! Stick around to catch these incredible talents at the North Fire Show on at the Town Docks at 11pm.

Pyromeo Walkabout8pm-PyRomeo
a high-energy demonstration showcasing a wealth of talent and hilarity. A master of death defying circus stunts and a truly charismatic character, audiences of all ages will fall in love with PyRomeo!

Isabella Hoops


9pm- Isabella Hoops
A circus performer based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada who has always possessed a passion for entertaining people. Her charm, flirtatious energy and her quirky humour is unforgettable. Bella doesn’t just hula-hoop; she brings her own style of dance and rhythm to the hoop to create an extraordinary and memorable show. Bella Hoops has a wide variety of performing experience: from cabarets, to festivals, on the street, in schools and kids birthday parties.

Kobbler Jay10pm- Kobbler Jay
Using his seasoned arsenal of tricks and fresh wit, Kobbler Jay has captivated, delighted, and charmed audiences in over a dozen countries. The classic “Kobbler Jay” show is thoroughly entertaining for all ages. Children are spellbound by his stunts, teenagers get a kick out of his saucy wit, and adults can appreciate his humour. His comedy can be described as “off the wall” yet appropriate to the audience.

Good-Enough-Live-Karaoke-Band-Shots-2_xw1620Good Enough Live Karaoke
Intersection of Main St. and Brunel Rd.

We play, YOU sing!

If you’ve ever had a secret desire to sing onstage with a band, Good Enough Live Karaoke will unleash your inner rockstar and make it happen. A five-piece band featuring guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, Good Enough’s repertoire of over 300 songs spans genres and eras. From Aerosmith and Nirvana to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Tragically Hip, White Stripes and everything in betweenIt’s as easy as scanning the song list, picking a song you love and daring to get on stage with us. Lyrics are provided on an iPad on a music stand. And we will cue you in and sing back up when necessary.

Nuit Blanche - Marek Michalek Photography 324Celebrating Inclusion Through the Arts
Main St. (Corner of Brunel and Main)
Community Living Huntsville

Community Living Huntsville brings a series of celebratory performances and hands on arts activities aimed at spreading awareness about perceptions and language associated with disabilities. Enjoy a high energy performance by an integrated dance squad made of local community members with mixed abilities, a large scale visual installation depicting the shift from segregation and congregation of people with disabilities to full inclusive community lives, and walk the path to inclusion through an evolving yarn bomb arch way. A showcase for the incredible magic that can happen when everyone is included.

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (114)Feel the Rush
Main St., Next to Soapstones
Brought to you By Science North’s Science En Route

Seeking adventure and thrill? Unleash your inner athlete and get your adrenaline pumping with our extreme sports exhibit! Understand the physics of a 360 flip, learn about sports injuries, and train like a professional competitor.


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (285)HARPPPP
Kent Park (at the corner of Main St. and Brunel Rd.)
Concept and Creation by Rob Gill

EEGDynamixx in association with BEnt. brings you HARPPP: an interactive sound installation for receiving and transmitting messages through the earth energy grid. Building on his continuing explorations of his NETTT formations, artist Rob Gill uses an array of vertical copper pipes to create an intricate grid which is in part a satire of, in part a serious aprehension of the actual HAARP(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) installation near Anchorage Alaska. Come walk through the web and strum the wires whose sound will be recorded, and mixed together into a collective soundscape, created live and incorporating conversations from years past, to be transmitted along the earth energy grid. If alien spaceships land and say hello then we know it has worked. Check Out Last Year’s Sounds Here

NuitBlancheNorth2017 (47 of 97)Mimes on Main
Main St.
Sonny Allinson & Team
With support from the Huntsville Theatre Company

Celebration is the reward that, as individuals and as society, we use to punctuate and frame our lives. Mimes on Main will gather the personal celebrations of visitors to Nuit Blanche and create short silent pieces inspired by what they hear. Want to be part of the fun? Visit the tent and get Mimed up with white make up.

QuiltWhat will I change?
Main St.
Teri Howell & Mary Spring
An interactive fibre arts installation encouraging visitors to consider issues such as climate change, #metoo, gun control and others.  Fibre artists Teri Howell and Mary Spring will operate sewing machines, fabric squares and fabric markers and encourage visitors to contribute thoughts, words or poems about how they might respond to issues in their community and world today by changing something about themselves and how they interact with the world around them.  Visitors write this on a fabric square and work with the artists to sew their square onto a long piece of webbing which would become a community prayer flag to be hung in the community