Zone #2: Main St.

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (365)Busker Pitch
Intersection of Main St. and King St.

World class buskers will dazzle you with acrobatics, juggling, stilt walking, magic and fire play. Featured performers include Billions Cobra, Bex in Motion, and Greg Tarlin.

Plus! Stick around to catch these incredible talents at the Red Eye Pyro Show on at the Town Docks at 11pm.


 Janine Marsan

Through Tom’s Eyes
Corner of Brunel and Main
Janine Marson

Over the past year, artist Janine Marson attempted to paint 100 oil on birch panels searching out general locations where Tom Thomson had been. Her goal was to get inside his head, see his landscapes 100 years later, and feel his paint brush as she painted. The Results will be projected on to iconic downtown Huntsville buildings at the corner of Brunel and Main so that you can feel the paintbrush yourself.



Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (103)

Celebrating Inclusion Through the Arts
Main St. (Corner of Brunel and Main)
Community Living Huntsville

Community Living Huntsville brings a series of celebratory performances and hands on arts activities aimed at spreading awareness about perceptions and language associated with disabilities. Enjoy a high energy performance by an integrated dance squad made of local community members with mixed abilities, or collaborate with your neighbours to create a communal tapestry. A showcase for the incredible magic that can happen when everyone is included.


Costume Drawing

Costume Drawing
Main St. (in front of Plum Loco)
Elise Muller

Design and build your own costume. There will be dancers to pose in costumes and invite you to choose to pick a costume from the tickle trunk and pose for a turn.  There will be pads of newsprint and drawing materials and an opportunity to try a form of life drawing where the models are dressed in costumes to reflect the theme On This Day.


Daron McColl Daron McColl Trio
Main St.

Take a trip back to the roaring 20s when jazz was at its prime. The Daron McColl Trio will take you through a journey of the evolution of jazz by using traditional jazz to modern jazz that is heard today.





Main St.
Pam and Don MacKenzie
With Support from the Huntsville Art Society

Create your own painted masterpiece using boards, popsicle sticks, gravity and your imagination. Get your hands dirty in this hands on activation facilitated by artists from the Huntsville Art Society.


mimes on main street

Mimes on Main
Main St.
Sonny Allinson & Team
With support from the Huntsville Theatre Company

Celebration is the reward that, as individuals and as society, we use to punctuate and frame our lives. Mimes on Main will gather the personal celebrations of visitors to Nuit Blanche and create short silent pieces inspired by what they hear. Want to be part of the fun? Visit the tent and get Mimed up with white make up.