Zone #1: Town Hall

Visions of Future’s Past
A retro futuristic visioning of the future as told by those living in the past.

Multi-disciplinary artist Melissa Joakim collaborates with comic artist Lorenz Peter to create an interactive installation with live electronic music performed by their band Processor. Joakim uses projection mapping and live-generated animation to activate the Town Hall and to prime all Earthlings for the Space Cat invasion. We invite you to play along with futuristic gizmos and gadgets in the light-up arcade.

This piece uses a playful and whimsical lens to ask how does our present stack up against what people of the past thought the future would be like? How far have we come? How far do we still need to go? Will the Earth have enough yarn to support the influx of our Space Cat overlords?


HBRHunter’s Bay Music Stage
Algonquin Theatre, Partners Hall
Sponsored by Hunters Bay Radio

First on the Dial, Hunter’s Bay Radio presents Juan Barbosa and special guests in the Algonquin Theatre’s licensed performance space. Come in, grab a seat and a cold one, as HBR takes you live to air.


Silver Elvis Live Mural Team
Main St., In front of the Whimsical Bakery

Join Silver Elvis and his street mural team to create an original large-scale painting fusing collage, street art and black lights, accompanied by the dulcet tones of the bassoon and theramin. Over the past three years, The SilverElvis live collabrative has produced 111 murals across Ontario .

RHYTHMANIA!Ross Willard-NbN2014 (142)
Main St. Next to the United Church
Led by
Barry “Bazza” Hayward

The spirit and magic of rhythm transcends all ages, gender, religions, races, and cultures. Drum circles have the power to heal and empower, to foster unity and community, and to liberate our primal souls! Come and experience creative expression through drumming and rhythm. Participants will explore a variety of drums, percussion instruments, and incorporate them into an ensemble where together, truly has the power to transport the players to different places. Everyone is welcome!

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (256)

phena_cornucopia_HQGerry Lantaigne
Main St., Beside the United Church
Walk the line beside this large-scale installation where each one of your steps turns still images into a moving tapestry of light and colour. Using a process of stroboscopic animation, the work creates an optical illusion that asks the viewer to recognize the individual moments that constitute the continuous motion of our lives.


Photo Exhibit by Elizabeth Siegfried
Presented in partnership with the Huntsville Art Society
Algonquin Theatre, Partner’s Hall

CIRCUS! incorporates vintage images/film frames of the Ringling Circus that Elizabeth Siegfried “re-shot” from 16mm films that her grandmother took in the 1920s, 1930s and 1940s.

Siegfried’s grandmother (1882-1952) was an avid amateur photographer who, living in Rochester NY in the Kodak “heyday,” was fortunate to have firsthand access to the cutting-edge technology of still and moving photography. When Siegfried discovered ninety-two reels of film at her family’s beloved summer home near Algonquin Park, she realized that among the many reels of Oxtongue Lake and Rochester, there was also significant footage of the Ringling Circus winter home and the Ringling Circus performers, shot when her grandmother had visited Sarasota, Florida in the early 20th Century. Her grandmother also had shot footage in Rochester when the Ringling Circus performed there in 1940 and 1942.

61076975 - mindfulness optimism relax harmony concept

Now. So. What?
Main St.
Muskoka Mindfulness Community

A guided practice of mindfulness walking led by Sandy Inkster to emphasize the importance of being present, and that there isn’t anything to dwell on (past or future) when being mindful and present.  To answer the question of what happens now, it would be to model that life is impermanent, now is always changing, meditating to bring one’s awareness to now is actually what is happening.  To address those events that have and continue to challenge and define our notions in place and identity on this planet, “Now. So What?” will explore that being aware and taking time to be mindful, to meditate and be present will positively influence the way we respond to these personal and public events of significance and especially how they ripple over time.

And keep an eye out for other fun an interactive activities brought to you by Metro, Smashbox, and Painted Kids Face Painting.