Zone #1: Town Hall

Call the Sun-Carolyne Wagland
Call the Sun
Main St. in front of Trinity United Church
Carolyne Wagland

“Kick at the darkness till it bleeds daylight.” – Bruce Cockburn

We live in precarious times. Recent political, social developments have created a dark atmosphere and we need to call on the sun more now than ever. Using overhead projectors, ink and acetate, come design your own sun, complete with what you want to bring to the world, then step to the microphone, call it forth, and watch as your creation rises to shed its rays of light and positivity.


NbN2013-KatherineFleitas (87)

Photo by Katherine Fleitas

Trinity United Church Sanctuary
Sarah Spring

Girlhood is an electroacoustic piece, combining live piano and pre-recorded sounds. The pursuit of the raucous spirit of girlhood in our personal and collective present infuses the soundscape. Both nostalgic and celebratory, the work explores the idea of innocence, identity, loss, and retrieval. 15 minute performance repeated throughout the evening.


KatherineFleitas-NbN2014 (285)HARPPPP
United Church Courtyard (between Town Hall and Trinity United Church)
By Rob Gill & Starr
Supported by Trinity United Church

EEGDynamixx in association with BEnt. brings you HARPPP: an interactive sound installation for receiving and transmitting messages through the earth energy grid. Building on his continuing explorations of his NETTT formations, artist Rob Gill uses an array of vertical copper pipes to create an intricate grid which is in part a satire of, in part a serious aprehension of the actual HAARP(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) installation near Anchorage Alaska. Come walk through the web and strum the wires whose sound will be recorded, and mixed together into a collective soundscape, created live and incorporating conversations from years past, to be transmitted along the earth energy grid. If alien spaceships land and say hello then we know it has worked. Check Out Last Year’s Sounds Here


katherine-fleitas-nuit-blanche-north-2015-256.jpgIn the Moment (Drumming Circle)
Main St. Next to the Great Vine
Led by Barry “Bazza” Hayward

Join Bazza as he leads visitors in a drop in drum circle drawing upon African beats and rhythms. There are a number of drums, big and small, as well as whole bunch of shakers, bells and whistles to play. All ages welcome!


katherine-fleitas-nuit-blanche-north-2015-460The Rovin’ Ramber’s Saloon
Algonquin Theatre, Partners Hall
Sponsored by Hunters Bay Radio

First on the Dial, Hunter’s Bay Radio presents some of the finest country musical talent Muskoka has to offer in the Algonquin Theatre’s licensed performance space. Come in, grab a seat and a cold one, test your gumption in games of chance and enjoy the sounds as HBR takes you live to air


Paper Chain
On This Day, Link your Lives
Main St. in front of TD Bank
Kareen Burns and Sherry Peddie

Join your neighbours in creating a chain of paper links with names, messages and statements about our connections to each other. These links will be stapled together to create a long chain going through town. An especially poignant tribute to our dear friend, artist and board member Kareen Burns.


Before I Die

Before I Die…
Main St. In front of The Great Vine

Before I Die is a global participatory public art project that reimagines our relationship with death and with one another. We invite you to finish the sentence “Before I die…” and add your answer to our giant chalkboards.  A space to examine our common anxieties, contemplate mortality, and better understand what it means to be human.


Under One SkinUnder One Skin
Huntsville Public Library, 7 Minerva Street East
Kate Brown

An intimate exhibition of work from 1984 to the present has been specially selected to celebrate The Sesquicentennial of Canada.

” The environment within which a work of art is created cannot but help be a part of it in some way.
Landscape enables and inspires. The vastness of Canada enables and inspires. Somehow, the wind
blows through it.”
——- Kate Brown