Zone #1 Town Hall

NbN2013-KatherineFleitas (82)Word!

Algonquin Theatre, Partners Hall

Featuring Evalyn Parry, Elysha Poirier, Patrick De Belan, Tanya Neumeyer, Valentino Assenza and writers from the 24 Hour Novel Marathon

Word was an interactive installation celebrating the power of words, both written and spoken. Partners Hall was converted to a licensed cabaret space.  Featured performers included Evalyn Parry with her multi-media celebration of the Northwest Passage “To Live in the Age of Melting”, and a spoken word jam featuring artists Patrick De Belan, Tanya Neumeyer and Valentino Assenza. There were also writers at work participating in the 24 Hour Muskoka Novel Marathon.


Bombs Away!8605db4efac011e2b52d22000a9f189b_7

Algonquin Theatre Courtyard

By Sonya Grabowski and the Seniors Yarn Bomb Squadron

An important town landmark was yarn bombed. What is a yarn bomb you ask?  Well it’s kind of like graffiti only with yarn. Seniors from across Muskoka worked together with textile artist Sonya Grabowski to create beautiful custom knit woolen pieces. This crack squadron then joined these pieces together, and blanketed one of Huntsville’s most celebrated icons.


NbN2013-KatherineFleitas (68)HARPPPP

United Church Courtyard (between Town Hall and Trinity United Church)

By Rob Gill

EEGDynamixx in association with BEnt. brings you HARPPP: an interactive sound installation for receiving and transmitting messages through the earth energy grid. Using an array of vertical copper pipes, artist Rob Gill created a intricate grid which is in part a satire of, in part a serious aprehension of the actual HAARP(High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) installation near Anchorage Alaska. Visitors were invited to strum the wires whose sound was then recorded, and mixed together into a collective soundscape to be transmitted along the earthenergy grid. If alien spaceships land and say hello then we know it has worked.


NbN2013-KatherineFleitas (71)If this was YOUR home?

Main St. in front of Treasures and Trophies

By Kareen Burns and Sherry Peddie

Create your own house in this interactive Cardboard Village. Cardboard boxes are incredibly versatile, a perfect blank canvas to create with and only limited to your imagination therefore making a safe magical place to be “who” or “what” you want to be – from a fun place for the child in all of us to play hide and seek, a playhouse to make believe in or a protective shelter. 



Trinity Hall (entrance between Town Hall and Trinity United Church)

By the Huntsville Community Theatre Company

Featuring Greg Perras, Jan Jacklin, Emilie Berry, Jodie Auckland, Joanne Bennett, Peeter Sild, Cydney Jones, Jayne Drinkwater, Andy Bartle, Geoff Morris, Jane Morris, Derek Shelly, Gerry Leveign, James Jones, Kip Daynard and Janet Copland.

Throughout the evening of Nuit Blanche North, The Huntsville Community Theatre Company will be entertaining audiences at Trinity United Church with The Real Housewives of Huntsville, Muskoka Moments, a Muskoka Mystery, Music, Poems, Monologues, Spoofs and Skits. Along with musical guests Big East, Gerry Leveign and Canoe Repair Shop, the show will continue on a loop starting from 8:00. Come sit and be entertained for one skit or stay for the whole show. It’s up to you. You will be entering the outlandish world of theatre as soon as you walk in the doors.