2013 Event

NbN Dock ImageThe 2013 event involved 94 different artists. It featured a celebration of governor general award winning composer R Murray Schafer, and original works by Thom Sokoloski, Jenny Anne McCowan, Evalyn Parry, Sean Cotton, Max Streicher members of the Huntsville Art Society and many more! It included lead up events like Buzz the giant 20ft inflatable mosquito, the Seniors Yarn Bomb Project, and The Scarecrows. The night of the event featured a number of interactive activities and buskers leading up to our epic fire show Feu Blanche followed by No Man’s Land Cabaret featuring some of Toronto’s most outstanding drag queens.

Click below to learn about the projects in each zone.
Zone #1-Town Hall
Zone #2-Main St
Zone #3-Town Docks
Zone #4-River Mill Park