Zone #3: River Mill Park

My Son the Hurricane
River Mill Park Stage | 9:00pm

image_6483441My Son the Hurricane is a multi-horn, multi-drummer, multi-singer brass funk beast from Niagara, ON. The 12-piece brass-dance crew has toured over multiple countries and played some of Canada, USA and Europe’s biggest festivals. Over 45 sold out shows in 2019 and early 2022 proves that there is no live show like My Son the Hurricane. Featuring trumpets, saxophones, trombones, drums, guitar, percussion and two wild front-people….we dare you not to dance! In 2022, the band will take on a 70 date Canada and Europe-wide tour.

Trophy-Social MediaTrophy
River Mill Park Parking Lot

A performance and art installation that asks: how have you changed? On July 23, as part of Nuit Blanche North, audience members will explore a constellation of tents in Downtown Huntsville. Inside each tent is a person telling the true story of a turning point in their life. Audience members circulate through the tents, transforming them into multi-coloured translucent structures.

Trophy has been presented across Canada and abroad, including at the National
Arts Centre (Ottawa), Dublin Fringe Festival (Dublin), SummerWorks
Performance Festival (Toronto), One Yellow Rabbit’s High Performance Festival
(Calgary), In the Soil MulitArts Festival (St. Catherines), Nocturne (Halifax), and
Nuit Blanche Ottawa+Gatineau (Ottawa).

Jillian Peever and Corinne Penstone
River Mill Park Field

An improvised dance performance created with curiosities around routines and changes to routines. A poem, a playfulness, and a sense of moving towards vast spaces of nature. A little red ball representative of something to be nurtured, a tether, love. The dance begins in a strange room with earthy tones and boxy shapes. The dance movement begins contained and rigid, then experiences a transition that leads towards openness and connectedness to the cosmos. INSTAGRAM: @s.p.a.c.e.upstairs

The GlobeMarc Walter
Marc Walter
River Mill Park Field

Land artist Marc Walter returns to Nuit Blanche North to create a large scale structure made of of woven locally sourced branches. The Globe is a 10ft tall sphere that invites visitors to weave threads of reed to highlight and reflect on the connections between all of us who inhabit this sphere we call Earth.

Wood_Wide_Web_1024x1024Wood Wide Web
Suzanne Riverin
Trees Between River Mill Park and the Town Docks

An installation of organic materials and light exploring the roots of trees, how they connect and communicate.

Some are calling it the ‘wood-wide web,’” says Wohlleben in German-accented English. “All the trees here, and in every forest that is not too damaged, are connected to each other through underground fungal networks. Trees share water and nutrients through the networks, and also use them to communicate. They send distress signals about drought and disease, for example, or insect attacks, and other trees alter their behavior when they receive these messages.” The Heartbeat of Trees

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (435)incrediblobs snorkagizer
Rob Gill
HfA Studio Courtyard

An interactive installation of sound & light. Visitors are invited to help generate 30-40 minute audio and visual piece over the course of the evening. A visual artwork called incrediblobs snorkagizer (64” wide x 36” high) will be hung on a wall, and covered with acetate. Participants will draw on it with markers influenced by the surrounding audio and visual. Video projections incorporated as well.

Kristine White Support Material 2Fairytales for the End of the World
Kristine White
Rivert Mill Park Grass

An exploration of fairy tales and old folk tales from a queer and feminist perspective. Artist Kristine White will create a series of shadow projections that will be projected onto a white screen in a loop from within a three dimensional shadow screen/tent. The screen/tent is a many sided geometric object which audiences can walk around and view from many angles. The images will depict re-interpretations of various fairy and folk tales that centre feminist
and queer perspectives and imagine a past in which our stories did not have to be told in elaborate metaphor.

SandyOn Site Cinema | By Sandy Mclennan
A looping screening of  8mm footage taken at Nuit Blanche North 2018.

In 2018, Sandy McClennan had the ambitious goal of shooting, editing and screening a film made with 8mm film on the night of Nuit Blanche North. The results are from On Site Cinema.

And watch out for the Canvas Brewery Beer Garden & local food vendors (TBC)