Zone #1: Town Hall

Good-Enough-Live-Karaoke-Band-Shots-2_xw1620Good Enough Live Karaoke
Intersection of Main St. and Brunel Rd.

We play, YOU sing! If you’ve ever had a secret desire to sing onstage with a band, Good Enough Live Karaoke will unleash your inner rockstar and make it happen. A five-piece band featuring guitar, bass, keyboards and drums, Good Enough’s repertoire of over 300 songs spans genres and eras. From Aerosmith and Nirvana to Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, the Tragically Hip, White Stripes and everything in betweenIt’s as easy as scanning the song list, picking a song you love and daring to get on stage with us. Lyrics are provided on an iPad on a music stand. And we will cue you in and sing back up when necessary.

TOGETHER AGAIN!NBN2019byTurnbull022
All Abilities Dance Troupe
Main St. (Corner of Brunel and Main)

Our messaging has always been about community, connection, belonging, celebrating one’s gift to the world. Our goal is to dispel myths (old narratives) about disability. We are a group of dancers, with and without disabilities, who have been apart for so long due to the pandemic. The isolation has had such a negative effect on many of our members. A project like this would do wonders to lift spirits and bring us all back together again, with a common goal. CONNECT.

omen1Love Letters to the Trees
Sarah Kernohan + Miranda Britton
Next to Trinity United Church

An interactive installation that encourages participants to acknowledge their connection with the natural world by climbing into a “nest” under a tree and writing a love letter to the natural world. A grouping of nests (4-8) constructed from natural materials around the base of a tree while woodland guides welcome participants into their own individual nests and guide them through a short visualization exercise that will encourage reflection on our interconnection with all living things. Letters will be hung from the branches of the trees.

Infi-Knit Connection20210106_130438-01-1140x855
By Sister Dorothy

Main St. | In Front of the Great Vine

Winnipeg artist Sister Dorothy will facilitate the creation of a finger knitted infinity scarf to be displayed around the neck of the Tom Thomson sculpture in front of the Algonquin Theatre. Over the course of the evening visitors will participate by finger knitting a small swatch. At midnight the two ends of the scarf will be joined into an endless infinity scarf and looped around the Tom Thomson sculpture.

best-mystery-audiobooks-socialA Muskoka Mystery
Huntsville Theatre Company
Civic Square Courtyard

An immersive mystery narrative written by local writers presented in three acts. Throughout the evening, each act is presented multiple times in 10 min increments by local actors. During each act and in between acts all evening, visitors would be encouraged to interact with the actors and with each other to try and solve the mystery at hand.

Care Bear
The Rock Vandal
Main St. Next to Big Bear

An immersive, crocheted interpretation of a Care bear and immersive rainbow light beam! The care bear is 5ft tall and the rainbow light beam is 12 ft wide. This yarn installation invites participants to step into the image and ‘receive’ the good rainbow vibes emitted by the bears heart shaped belly!

TD Monster Mural

TD Monster Mural

Main St. In front of the Mill on Main

Get your colour on with this giant interactive mural brought to you by our major sponsor TD Bank!

glow-in-the-dark-face-painting-10Glow in the Dark Face Painting
Hudson Hair Salon

The Hudson is excited to announce we will be doing Glow in the Dark Tattoos and Face painting. All proceeds will go towards The Hudson Charity. Cost is $5/per person. Come out, have fun, and support this wonderful cause!

Red PineRed Pine Art Supply
By Sam Yarde-Sullivan
Red Pine Art Supply, 6 West Street N
It’s known that music connects people together.  Music and art coincide together to feel good and fuse.  Music and art parallel together and the connection humans have with each other.  Music moves in nature.
IG – @redpineartsupply / @sammylivingthelife

NBN2019byTurnbull048And be sure to check out the Hoop Zone on Main St.!