Zone #4: Town Docks

Launch PadTown Docks Parkette
Sponsored by Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.

Your imagination takes flight under a Muskoka star filled night. Our Launch Pad Stage features artists and performances from this world and others, as rhythms, high flying aerial acrobatics, flame and sweat blast off in an incredible high velocity mass of propulsion and passion that will light up the night skies.

flaunt-it-designs-nuit-blanche-north-2015-2.jpgRaging Asian Women
Performances 8pm & 9:30pm
Feel the impact of this multi headed Taiko Drumming brigade. Raging Asian Women Taiko Drummers (RAW) is a community arts collective of East and Southeast Asian Women in Toronto that exists as a critical response and challenge to both systemic and internalized oppressions. Through performance, education, and community outreach, these artists seek to challenge, redefine and represent their communities, and to inspire others. Through collective membership, artistic creation, and active development, RAW carves a space for self-expression, authentic engagement, community, and healing.

Flaunt It Designs-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (60)The Flying Machine
Created by Hercinia Arts
Performances at 8:30 and 10pm
Hercinia Arts returns with their newest fantastical creation. ’The Flying Machine’ is the story of a quirky inventor who is constantly creating new machines to propel movement in all directions: forwards, backwards, sideways, up, down and in circles. Inspired by all things steam punk, the night sky comes to life with her inventions, presenting soaring and spinning acts that illustrate the magic of machines, invention and flight in new and unusual ways, as her machines come to life!

Stick around at 11pm for the The Red Eye Pyro Show featuring explosive fire performances!


EscapeEscape Zone
Town Docks next to River Mill Park

Your arrival signals the beginning of your journey. Nestled beside the currents of the beautiful Muskoka River, this section of the Town Docks includes activities and experiences that escape the everyday and take your mind, body and soul on a journey to far off places.

BaliExperience Bali–Island of the Gods
Created by Ben Carlin
Journey to Bali, Indonesia–“TheIslandoftheGods”. Let us take your mind on an adventure thousands of Kilometres south to an island of white sand beaches rich in culture and natural beauty. Using state of the art 360 video combined with Virtual Reality headsets, Ben Carlin creates an installation that takes viewers beyond the borders of physical, mental and technological states in an experience that will never be forgotten.


David ArthurLive Cinema Keys
Created by David Arthur
Video on a Keyboard
Combining sound and video technologies, David Arthur brings you a live cinema experience where you stand at the helm, and direct the video sequences using electronic keyboards and buttons. Follow the beat of an ever flowing ambient soundscape, and create an outdoor abstract psychedelic playground of your own.


Message in a BoatMessage in a Boat
Facilitated by Kareen Burns and Sherry Peddie
“Message in a Boat” is a twist on the ‘message in a bottle”…but more Eco friendly. Create a biodegradable paper boat to set a sail on the Muskoka river … let your worries float away, send best wishes to a Friend or Family member, set your dreams in motion or just write whatever is on your mind “Away we go” your thoughts are off and away….


Calm WatersSlowed by Water
Created by Rory Jordan Stevens
Ponder the magic and mysteries of water. Step into a secluded space to experience this audio/visual instillation studying the act of moving in and on water. Original ambient music, inspired by water and accompanied by abstract film, fills the walls of the tent creating a calming and reflective environment.


And be sure to check out What A Ball Water Walkers back by popular demand!

Sai Shankar-NbN2014 (9)