Zone #3: River Mill Park

Flaunt It Designs-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (1)River Mill Park Bandshell
Created by Erin Brandeburg and Andrew Penner
Concept by Dan Watson
Performed by Erin Brandenburg, Andrew Penner
Technical Engineering by Kai Masaoka
Sponsored by Bickley Ford

Drive is a love song to the automobile and its lofty place in pop culture and our modern civilaztion. It’s a drive in movie, but we supply the car. Recycled and repurposed video footage will be projected onto a giant screen accompanied by a live score of music and text composed by musicians and actors on site. This live soundtrack will then be transmitted to a fleet of cars supplied by Bickley Ford placed throughout River Mill Park. Sit, watch, listen and enjoy as you are transported on a nostalgic and thought provokingtrip through North America’s industrial and cultural histories.


River Mill Park Lawn
Created by The Throwdown Collective
Performed by Brodie Stevenson, Zhenya Cerneacov, and Mairéad Filgate

Boxset is an athletic dance for three performers and four large wooden boxes. Three mighty movers roll, drag and lift crates throughout the Nuit Blanche North event, sweating and grunting their way to their final destination. Once they arrive, these dancers climb up, propel from, and slide down their giant props, continuously shifting them into surprising geometric configurations.


Flaunt It Designs-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (110)Weird
River Mill Park Lawn
By Theatre Arcturus
Featuring Lindsay Bellaire and Emily Hughes

A re-imagining and exploration of the Witches of Macbeth (or the Weird Sisters), caught in a destructive cycle of sibling rivalry. Combining grace and the grotesque, this soaring high altitude aerial show examines sisterly relationships within their supernatural realm – where every human decision causes a shift in the natural world that is keenly felt.

“COMPELLING…HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!” ~ Luisa Appolloni: Stratford Festival
“TRANSFIXING!…Theatre Arcturus nailed this piece and left the audience in a daze!” ~ Windsor Independent
“INCREDIBLE!” ~ Cindy Triolet Pastoruius: Teacher at the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board


Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 4.45.04 PMSimulacrum
River Mill Park Pergola
Created by Ruby Attwood and Derrick Belcham

In a sound reactive, 2 channel film installation, 2 distinct facets of the same character are portrayed by a single dancer, Mary Cavett. Her psyche is has been split in two, each a fractured version of the other, mired in the delirium of artistic choice and presentation. Their separate, oneiric narratives are woven from the ground up and over time, one character becomes aware of the other. In their psychological worlds, the characters reveal themselves in divergent solos finally recapitulating as subtly matched choreographic lines tread upon each other. Lush visual similarities are evoked despite the contrast between confident movement and the almost stifled or arduous stillness in the choreography, revealing the unpredictable and existential scope of the characters’ realization of the creative process. Inspired as much by the NSSDC images of Mars, as the spare, redacted, yet emotive choreography of contemporary butoh dancer Ko Murobushi, the film installation surveilles a subject splintered by the knowledge of her own art and performance, and her interior and exterior “Self”.


Peepshow-LogoPeep Show
Lift/Ground Studio (across from River Mill Park below ?)
Created by Anna Gabby Trotz, Beverley Hawksley, Miranda Britton, Sandy McLennan and Sarah Gabby-Trotz

“The age old format of a peepshow comes alive through the work of five artists. Engage in an experience that is yours alone…in a crowded world!”
Check out the Trailer! 


Flaunt It Designs-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (144)Night Moves
Lift/Ground Studio Courtyard
Presented by lightsweetcrude

“NightMoves” is an improvisational projection installation exploring motion using abstract shapes, colours, and forms through darkness with the medium of liquid light projections, and a variety of other media including prepared acetates, reflectives, glassware, and more. Atmospheric drone-based soundtracks will vibrate the body in partnership with rhythmic visuals in an electric mural that mashes us elements of street art and site specific installations.


Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (484)Hop Scotch with Father Time
Various Locations
By Sandy McClennan and Beverley Hawksley

Father Time wanders the streets, encountering you, another vagabond traveler of sorts, and offering a game and perhaps a little insight on your own future. The mat is unfurled; an hour glass is turned; a small chain is thrown to mark a square on the board. Where does it land? A moving point along your own timeline: idea, courage, dedication, practice, patience, perseverance, excitement, energy, keep going, eureka! But it is a game, and there is always luck and chance at play.


And be sure to check out our Vendors Nest in the Parking lot beside River Mill Park!

Ross Willard-NbN2014 (96)