Zone #2: Main St

Spin StageCorner of Main St. and King St.
World renowned death defying buskers perform at break neck speeds, whirling, twirling and spinning their way to the finish line.


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Our first competitor Francisco Sandoval literally rolls into town from stops in Mexico and China to present the “Pancho Libre Show”: an interactive stunt show featuring Cyr Wheel, Chinese pole, Feisha and acrobatics.


Next up it’s the beguiling and graceful styles of Satya Bella and her multi-hoop cabaret act featuring extravagant costume, mysterious music and trademark flowing dance styles.

Finally, Yoshi Chladny throws himself into the mix, manipulating and tossing a number of blunt objects and sharp things in his hilarious and bewildering juggling show.

Plus! Stick around to catch these incredible talents at the Red Eye Pyro Show on at the Town Docks at 11pm.


On the Move Community Stage
Corner of Main St. and Brunel Rd.

Toes will be tapping, grins will be grinning and voices will be singing at our On the Move Stage featuring storytelling and music acts for the whole family. These groups, artists and community members have been places and have something to say so listen up!

Spread the Word to End the Word | 8pm
Featuring the All Abilities Dance Troupe and Choir
Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (103)Community Living Huntsville teams up with Sean Cotton and Tree Ring Records to present “Spread the Word”: a celebratory performance aimed at spreading awareness about perceptions and language associated with disabilities. Featuring an integrated choir and dance squad made of local community members with mixed abilities, this performance features a unique integrated art making practice and showcases the incredible magic that can happen when everyone is included.

WoodsPromo01Great Wooden Trio | 9pm
GWT is more than live music and more than spoken word; it is a unique combination of song, story, and music. GWT’s material ranges from original compositions to reworked classics threaded through myths, legends, ballads, peppered with tales of enlightenment and personal experience, with a healthy dose of embellishment.



Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (114)The Amazing Human Body
Main St., Next to Soapstones
Brought to you By Science North’s Science En Route

Have you ever wondered what you look like on the inside? Find out with our life size skeleton, model organs and medical equipment that will allow you to get a first-hand look! You can also test your fine and gross motor skills with various game, find out how tall you are going to be and even check out a live eye dissection.



Main St. Next to That Little Place by the Lights
Led by Barry “Bazza” Hayward

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (256)The spirit and magic of rhythm transcends all ages, gender, religions, races, and cultures. Drum circles have the power to heal and empower, to foster unity and community, and to liberate our primal souls! Come and experience creative expression through drumming and rhythm. Participants will explore a variety of drums, percussion instruments, and incorporate them into an ensemble where together, truly has the power to transport the players to different places. Everyone is welcome!


Trains, Canoes and Automobiles
Main St. in front Applause Toy Store
Facilitated by Nancy Hunter

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (274)This popular workshop presented by Nancy Hunter is a fun and easy interactive activity for all ages that only takes about 15 or 20 minutes to complete your own masterpiece. As you paint, listen to stories and experiences around Trains, Canoes and Automobiles, or dream up your own. Create your own souvenir paintings of Nuit Blanche. No experience in drawing or painting, just enjoy the adventure and get on the go!


Main St. in front of Soapstones
Facilitated by Elise Muller

Have you had that dream? The one where you can fly? Visit this booth to create own wings through a fanciful and imaginative process of creation. Reflecting on your own dreams, fantasies and life goals, you will be encouraged to draw, colour and create your own set of wings, symbols of your unique views and perspectives on the world around you. Once completed, clip them on your back, arm, chest, shoes or hair, and fly away, off into the night to chase those dreams and see if they really do come true.


Flight of the Beagle
Main St. in front of Plum Loco
By Patricia Astley

Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (488)An 8 year old boy and his best friend, a beagle, pilot a giant paper airplane, soaring through the night air under the starry sky above. Seat yourself in the co-pilot’s seat on this giant papier mache sculpture flying off into the cosmos, joined by a squadron of paper airplanes, all on a straight trajectory towards the unknown. This sculpture continues a string whimsical and stunning paper sculptures originated at Nuit Blanche North over the past few years, growing out of the luminescent imagination of Patricia Astley.


Katherine Fleitas-Nuit Blanche North 2015 (480)Drago’s Nest
Kent Park (Corner of Main St. & Brunel Rd.)
By Nathan Sowry

A gothic nest of wound branches curves, binds and shapes into its mythical inhabitant. Born of wood, stone, glass and vision, this larger than life sculpture invites you to climb aboard its back to fly to a far off destination of mystery and the unknown. Come. Enter.


Hungry? Be sure to check out the Nutty Chocolatier or Belly Ice Cream for some delicious treats!