Zone 3

Zone #3: Town Bridge


Big Tom
Marc Walter
Town Docks

The year 2012 marks the 100th year anniversary of Tom Thomson’s first trip to Algonquin Park. In celebration, landscape artist Marc Walter will create a 25ft tall sculpture of Tom Thomson with branches and other natural objects. With canoe in tow, Tom will float along the Muskoka River, a beacon of Huntsville’s past and a call to celebrate its identity. Come experience it for yourself

And be sure to arrive at the Town Docks at 8pm to witness Tom’s arrival.  Marc Walter will also be on the Town Docks for the week preceding Nuit Blanche North.  All are welcome to help build the statue, and see the artist at work.

This project was made possible through the generous support of 


Beverley Hawksley and Sandy McLennan
3 Brunel Rd., Alleyway Beside ReVibe

Standing as an altar in everyone’s kitchen, is a “Witness”: the refrigerator. Why do people gather things on and in their refrigerators? Is it evidence of our existence? A kitchen refrigerator seems a likely place to find the chronicles of daily life. Its outside and inside covers the past and the future and the changes in between. Our fridges are a place to go for physical and emotional comfort. Our empty spaces are promised some attention, even if only for a moment. This non-judgemental witness is an everyday altar that may not be recognized as such. Its exterior is adorned with bits of what we value in the moment, and its interior is filled with the same and as such both can be upheld or forgotten over time. This project is meant to be an opportunity to contemplate those things and the situations that prompt change and the way we mark it.


Home Sweet Home
Helen Kotsonis
Kent Park (Corner of Main St. & Brunel Rd.)

“Home Sweet Home” is a warm garden of house-shaped lanterns. Each lantern is inspired by interviews that she had with people about what “home” means to them – is it a person, a place, or a feeling? Full of bright colours, each lantern is unique, and decorated with paper collage and paints. Helen also held workshops with elementary school children from Huntsville Public School and Spruce Glen Elementary in Huntsville, who got to talk about home and decorated their own lanterns! This exhibit will create a warm and welcoming space for people to visit and explore what home means to them, see what it means to other people, and how this idea connects us all together.

Helen Kotsonis is a Toronto based artists who works in film, theatre and does occasional installation work. She had a great time working on this project and will be holding a lantern – making workshop during the first few hours of the festival!


One Big Eye
Rob Gill
77 Main St., Alleyway beside Spectacles

From the Foremost Center of the Advancement of the Future of Humanity (FCAFH) comes some Major Chunkage! Feast your ears on massive blasts of globtasticality wafting your way at unparalleled speeds and from all directions. Artist Rob Gill imagines a fantastical world of lights, giant eyeballs and hits from the 80’s. A unique experience not to be missed!

This piece brought to you through the generous support Spectacles Vision Centre and Business for the Arts.