Zone 2

Zone #2- Main Street


Tale of A Town Huntsville
Fixt Point
Main St.

The Tale of a Town Huntsville is a lively art project that invites the audience to interact with local stories in unusual spaces through live performance and also digitally through interactive technology built as an extension to each locale. Combining live and recorded music, interview sound bytes, and video footage, this project is based on stories taken from neighbourhood interviews and memories about Huntsville’s downtown, and are then woven together to create a narrative tale that recounts the history of our town through personal stories of humour and courage.

Fixt Point will be in Huntsville leading up to Nuit Blanche North gathering stories. Look for them in their “story mobile”, share your memories, and you might get some Chapman’s ice cream for it.

For more information of Fixt Point visit their blog here


Dispatch Talent Fun Zone
Dispatch Talent
Main St.
Dispatch Talent brings you a variety of interactive activities and busker performances. Watch world class buskers, learn how to juggle and hula hoop with glow in the dark equipment and step into the body art tent to get a temporary tattoo. Stick until 11pm to see Dispatch Talent’s Red Hour: a brilliant fire show that will light up the town docks.

Check out clips from last year’s buskers here


Mad Hatter’s Millinery
Elise Muller
Main St.
Anything is possible at the Post Modern Mad Hatter millinery: Stop by and create your own hat. Stir up some change in a Chef’s hat or sail away with the answers blowing in the wind with a Sailor’s hat. Perhaps a top hat is more your style? Decorate hat forms with colour, papers, fabrics, jewels and feathers. You can also create a completely different hat using Bristol board and paper bowls. Wear it around Nuit BlancheNorth! Muskoka has seen it’s share of top hats, sailor hats, sun hats and chef hats. Here’s your chance to make a post modern hat of your own. Decorate or make and wear your unique hat of change around Nuit Blanche. Hat Making is for people of all ages – come by the millinery booth and get ready to have fun!

Brought to you by Elise Muller of Stone Tree Studio who ran the Mask Making booth at Nuit Blanche last year.


Huntsville Treasure Hunt
Ellen Besen
Main St.
Who doesn’t love a treasure hunt? This event combines an exploration of Huntsville’s hidden connections to the past and future- in terms of history, culture and technology- with the intrigue and excitement of a treasure hunt. With treasure map in hand, participants will search the Nuit Blanche North site for 6 locations, each with an unexpected story to tell which reflects on how change impacts the life of a community. At each location, imagery and text will join the figurative dots between past, present and future revealing the kinds of connections that shift perspective, make history more real and pull what may be into near tangible focus.


Ice Age
Jared Pratt
Main Street
A chunk of ice has been found on the outskirts of Huntsville. No one knows where it came from, or what is frozen inside. Now it’s melting and we’re about to discover its secrets. With each drop of water, this interactive ice sculpture invites visitors to witness a moment frozen in time slowly revealed.