Zone 1

Zone #1-Town Hall, 37 Main St. East


The Living Tower
Sean Frey and Sonja Rainey
With the music of Detroit Time Machine
Town Hall, 37 Main St. East

The Town Hall is alive.  For one night only, Huntsville’s 85 year old Town Hall will awake to show all that it has seen. Combining live projections, light, shadow and the hypnotic sounds of the Detroit Time Machine, the artists, will coax the building to share its visions of the past, and literally draw visitors into building’s memories.

Archive images in the piece were made available through the generous support of the Town of Huntsville.


Made to Order
Eroca Nicols
Algonquin Theatre Courtyard

Remember the good old days, when things were made to order?  Eroca Nicols, aka “Lady Janitor” and her crew of dance dignitaries invite you to experience this again with your very own fantasy dance performance.  Part 50’s diner, part dance party, this interactive performance lets the audience’s imagination run the show, and call the shots.  Fill out your dance card, tell the team what you want to see, then sit back and watch them create a custom dance specifically for you.   They don’t make them like this anymore!


Real Time Photos
David Paul Crombie
Algonquin Theatre, Partner’s Hall

An interactive display of photography and real-time editing puts you into untold worlds and bygone times. Visit Muskoka before you were born, walk on the tops of the Rocky Mountains and even The Moon! (conspiracy theory not included). Get a copy of your photos and browse the art gallery while you wait and watch others creating memories and laughter.

Check out last years album of Lightpainting:


Empty Nest
Andrew Cohrs
Shutterbug Gallery, 34 Main St. East

A tangled web of cables, metal and light. This sprawling metallic sculpture is a visual representation of generational change in the Muskoka area and the impact that remains. The Shuttebug Gallery Alleyway will be engulfed by a series of illuminated metal boxes connected by an intricate design of cables. Each box varies in size from the larger weather worn boxes as the “old” generation, and the small metal rectangles as the “new” generation. The cables form a link from generation to generation reminding us of the direction in which we have come and the direction we are going.

This project is generously supported by the Shutterbug Gallery and Business for the Art’s Arts Vest Program

Tie One On
concept by sherry peddie and kareen burns

A beautiful main street tree will be magically wrapped with neckties! a video screen helpfully demonstrates the dying art form “how to tie a perfect windsor knot” or create a new express method, your choice!  “Tie one on” and dress up for an evening of creativity and fun!