ArtsVest Program

Thanks to the Support of Business for the Arts and the Local Business Community, in the week leading up to Nuit Blanche North, artists will work on site in seven different stores in Huntsville’s downtown core creating original works of art that will be featured during the event. These artistic works are inspired by Tom Thomson in honour of the 100th year anniversary of his arrival in the Huntsville area. They will also incorporate aspects and use materials from the businesses where they are created. Works of art will be created using cocoa powder, flowers, coffee beans, upholstery materials, and many more. In addition to this, many of the created pieces will have a way for visitors to add to the work. Check out the schedule of when the artists will be working below:
Seven Main Café
7 Main St.
July 8 & 9, 8am-4pm
Landscape artist Marc Walter will be creating an original sculpture of a canoe using tangled branches on top of the awning over Seven Main Café’s front patio. Visitors are invited to add a branch or just sit back and enjoy watching the artist create.

Reflections of Muskoka
49 Main St. East
July 13 & 14, 10am-7pm
Textile artist Sonya Grabowski will create a 6ft x 6ft replica of Tom Thomson’s “The West Wind” using upholstery materials and fabric from the store. This 3 dimensional representation will be created and built on the front porch of the business.

The Nutty Chocolatier
65 Main St. East
July 13 & 14, 1-9pm
Using a process called Encaustics (painting with hot bees wax), artist Bruce Tyner will create a piece inspired by the work of Tom Thomson using hot wax and melted chocolate. The finished piece will be displayed in the front window. Visitors can also work with Bruce to try out the process on their own business cards.

Florence’s Flowers
69 Main St. East
July 13 & 14, 10am-5pm
Paper Artist Col Mitchell will create a variety of Tom Thomson inspired portraits and art using flowers, plants and paper. Visitors will be able to add their own personal touch to the work.

77 Main St. East
July 13 & 14, 10am-7pm
Tom Thomson used his eye to capture the essence of the Muskoka region. Installation Artist Rob Gill will use his own vision as he takes over the alley beside Spectacles to imagine a fantastical world of lights, giant eye balls and hits from the 80’s.

The Great Vine
24 Main St. East
July 12-14, Schedule TBA 
Watercolour painter and textile artist Pam Carnochan will occupy the front window of the store.  Details TBA.


Shutterbug Gallery
34 Main St. East
July 14, noon-2am
Sculptor Andrew Cohrs will occupy the alley beside the Shutterbug Gallery to create a tangled web of cables, metal and lights to represent generational change in the area, and what links us to those from the past.