Zone 4

Zone 4: Town Docks

Red Hour by Fire Guy, Trulee Odd Show, Sadie Spins, Terrance Drake & Junkyard Symphony
Town Docks, 11pm 

For one hour the riverfront is lit up with fire!  Using juggling, poi, quarter staff and hoops, fire artists light up both the land and the water.  Featured performers include Brant “The Fire Guy”, Trulee Odd Show, Sadie Spins, Terrence Drake and the music of the Junkyard Symphony.


The Bridge by Marc Walter, Town Bridge

This epic land art sculpture transforms and envelopes the historic town bridge with branches and organic materials.  A celebration of human perseverance in the wild.


Detroit Time Machine by Andrew Penner, Brian Poirier, Iner Souster & Erin Brandenburg
Parking Lot behind Christmas Thyme

Called ‘music for the undead to dance to,’ Detroit Time Machine melds original music, playable sculpture art and video imagery to explore the rise and fall of industrial Detroit. This piece brings together some of Canada’s top indie musicians with award-winning visual artists and theatre makers to create an apocalyptic tribute to the era of mechanization and the future of the industrial world.


Moon Dreamer by Daniel Nimmo, Kent Park
Using live camera feed and projection, Daniel Nimmo creates the illusion of a man in the moon who tells stories and jokes to entertain the crowd.

Daniel Nimmo is a creator and performer working between interactive theater, character comedy, and installation. Nimmo is co-founder of Toronto’s wildly successful Lunacy Cabaret. He is also prolific as cabaret and street performer – Duke Dreamer – with trademark pygmie-genie-on-a-cloud illusion often seen on the stages and festivals of Canada. Nimmo’s work has been called “absurdly funny and a genuinely uplifting” – Vancouver Sun.