Zone 3

Zone 3: River Mill Park, Caroline/Queen St.

Pachter Factor by Charles Pachter and the Huntsville Art Society · The Art Space, Across from River Mill Park
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Get the red carpet treatment and meet world famous visual artist Charles Pachter at the opening of his newest exhibit.  Before you enter, you can sit in a limo, walk the red carpet, deal with the paparazzi. Then meet Charles Pachter while you feast your eyes on his one of a kind works of art.  You’ll feel like a star.

One of Canada’s leading contemporary artists, Charles Pachter is a painter, printmaker, sculptor, designer, historian, and lecturer. He has numerous degrees, honorary degrees, and is a member of the Order of Canada, a Chevalier of France’s Ordre des Arts et des Lettres, and a recipient of the Queen’s Jubilee medal.  If you’ve ever been to Maple Leaf gardens by subway, you’ve seen his work.  His paintings hang in public and private collections around the world. Those of of the queen, moose, and maple leaf flag are pop icons of Canadian art. His flag paintings hang in the Toronto Stock Exchange, in the Canadian Embassy in Washington, and in the Parliament buildings in Ottawa.  Retrospective Pachter exhibitions have toured France, Germany, Japan, and India.


Silent Film Remixed by Insideamind & Robert Bruce · River Mill Park Stage

Take a trip back to the golden years of the silent film era.  Buster Keaton’s hilarious classic silent films are screened with live musical accompaniment.  Playing the music are experimental turntable duo Insideamind, and virtuoso piano composer Robert Bruce.  These incredible artists have performed across North America, and there work has been celebrated by all ages.  Come take a seat in our ‘ole time cinema’, put your feet up and enjoy!


The Ballroom by Dawn Tyrrell · River Mill Park
The Ballroom is filled with over 2,000 colourful balloons and everyone is invited to join in the fun. Visit us and wade through a sea of balloons!

Play is a fundamental necessity and memories of being excluded from play can last a lifetime. With this in mind, I have created a simulated ball pit in which everyone can participate, regardless of height, age, and/or physical ability (within reason).   This balloon crawl can have audience participants of different ages and sizes physically playing together in the same space.  Each movement causes balloons to slide and shuffle and creates a wave or ripple effect, so that each participant will affect the others’ experiences.  Let’s have some fun, come and join me in The Ballroom!


Mask Making Play & Sculpture by Elise Muller · River Mill Park Gazebo

The mask is a powerful tool for transformation and play.  In this interactive exhibit, participants are invited to create their own masks using a variety of materials.  Using paint, collage, jewels, feathers, wool, ribbons and fabrics, the masks will take on a life of their own, and can be worn throughout the evening’s events.  Artist Elise Muller will be there to answer questions and help create your perfect mask.  Create a mask, and get carried away by the evening’s revels!


Park Players by Diane Thoms & Suzanne Riverin · River Mill Park Gazebo

An ongoing installation that portrays two life sized plaster figures locked in a never ending game of chess.  This piece explores the close relationship between competition and play, and how these ideas are immortalized.  Created using plaster cloth, these figures were created from live models over a period of weeks.  Visitors are encouraged to move the glow in the dark chess pieces, and play the game for themselves.