Zone 2

Zone 2: Main Street, Various Locations

Lightpainting by Moonlight by David Paul Crombie · Club 55,37 Main St. E
Using a technique of long exposure photography, this interactive exhibit lets you play with the properties of light and time, and participate in the creation of stunning night portraits and action shots.  Drop by to learn about the technique, and help create incredible photos.  All participants will get a copy of their photo sent to them via e-mail, and all images will be displayed live on screens on-site.


Jouer C’est Humain.  Ce qui en Viens, C’est Divin
by Kasey Stephan, Ruth Cassie and Others
Begins in front of Pharmasave, 29 Main St. E
Performances at 9, 10, 11 Midnight and 1am.

To play is human, and when the playfulness evolves to creation it is divine.

A series of short dances in unconventional spaces around the downtown core.  Using original live and pre-recorded music, these pieces are inspired by how we play when no one is watching.


Unbearable Lightness of Being a Rock by Rudi Stade
Main St. in front of Trinity United Church
This unique stone sculpture plays with the idea of balance, and feature’s a watermelon sized stone magically balanced on top of three smaller round stones.  From inside, a mysterious light glows, its light escaping from a series of holes, and shooting to the stars.


The Dream Machine by Laurel Paluck · The Shutterbug Gallery  34 Main St. E
Performances at 10:30 and midnight.

This project is a highly interactive installation and performance which invites the public to remember and submit dreams – to be collected, processed, and transformed into a shadow puppet performance enacted as a single collective dream.   The Dream Collector will invite and instruct individuals to recollect and contribute a dream of their choosing.  At the Dream Processing Lab the public will be invited to create their own images on provided sheets of mylar to reflect their dream and its elements. Templates will be provided along with inspiring pre-printed symbols and images to stimulate imaginative results. Results will be collected and added to the Dream Time Performance.   All collected Dreams will remain anonymous.