Zone 1

Zone 1: Trinity United Church, 33 Main St. East

#1- The Toybox by Playground Studios · Trinity Hall ·
Award winning designers Ben Chaisson and Beth Kates present an explosive collision of lights, sounds, projection, costumes, cameras, plasticine and Lego! Enter the ToyBox and push buttons that control cameras, images and sounds.  Come play in a green screen and see what you look like walking on the moon, or build creatures out of plasticine, or put on a purple dragon tail and roar the night away.  Play all night in the ToyBox where you get to choose your own adventure!

* The ToyBox was awarded the 2011 Canadian Institute of Theatre Technology Award for Technical Merit!


#2- Pretty Flying Women by Sonya Grabowski · Between Trinity United Church and Town Hall
A celebration of the women who loom large in our lives.  25 sculptural dresses ranging in size from 3-18 feet in length are suspended on clothes lines.  Visitors can walk between these soft sculptures as they flow on the breeze, dance in the wind or stand attention when the air is still.   In the middle, the artist will be crocheting a giant doily.  Come by and stay for a chat.


#3- Dissolution of Reality by Rob Gill · Algonquin Theatre Lobby
Artist Rob Gill transforms the hallways and corridors of Trinity United Church into an intimate black light play land.  Using masking tape, Rob will create intricate designs and forms, which when illuminated with black lights, create a 3-D effect found in the creative process of computer generated models of animation.  This technique will strip the church’s architecture of its lighting, and texture, and let the observer see the structure as it truly is, at its essence.  Come wander the halls and lose yourself to the beauty of the unseen world around you.

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